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Message posted by Andy on March 11, 2002 at 1:06:44 PST:

Damnation, all this talk of nukes is beginning to spook me. I live in a country where we have lived with terrorism first hand (The UK) for many years. This type of talk is EXACTLY what Al Qaeda etc require for their survival. They don't actually need to do anything whilst the West runs around in circles, bombing this, shooting that whilst our media hypothesize about the next move. This, in itself generates a level of fear in the western population, another form of fear is terror, exactly what terrorists (by definition) want. They want to generate fear by whatever means so that we all become so paranoid that we no longer trust our neighbours.

And let us not forget that the largest religion in the world (albeit a divided one) is the Muslim one. Imagine what would happen if the West dropped a nuke (or really seriously postured about same) on a Muslim nation. I think there would be a great danger of Muslim support for the west disappearing like a puff of smoke in a hurricane. Turn the Muslims against us and what do we have? Well, let's look at the religion of the major oil producing countries for one, where we would the West be without that oil, and now let's extrapolate a little further (because this is all a hypothesis, right) Muslims decide to side with China - not saying it would happen, just running a flag up the flag pole to see which way the wind is blowing.

Remember, Just because you're paranoid does not meant they are NOT out to get you.

Have a nice day!

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