First Mention of Groom Lake....

Message posted by Brian L on April 24, 2016 at 12:39:43 PST:

Pete Merlin & Gang,

Where/When was the first real mention in mainstream press of a facility at Groom Lake? Growing up, the first inkling I had that there were "not-on-the-map" airbases inside the NTS was in the early 1980s when mainstream press began suggesting that the Air Force had a "secret squadron" stealth fighters somewhere in the Nevada desert.

I think Bill Sweetman might have mentioned Groom Lake or Tonopah in his own mid-80s writings on the stealth fighter mystery.

I don't think I really read the words "Groom Lake" until maybe 1990?

I'm guessing that there must have been some writing in Aviation Week or elsewhere by the 1970s speculating on a facility at Groom Lake, but would be great to know of anything....

Thanks in advance...

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