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Message posted by Gimbal on July 08, 2014 at 1:42:15 PST:

Element 115 was discovered in 2004, new elements are being discovered every year, the LHC at Cern is also finding new and strange particles associated with exisiting elements the Periodic Table is constantly evolving. The is nothing to suggest that element 115 is some sort of super fuel or source of energy that could alter Space Time.
To alter Space Time and exceed the speed of light you will need a Wormhole which although have not been discovered are thought to only exist for brief periods. In the realms of Quantum Theory bending and folding the Universe is possible as particles can exist in two different places however it is "Theory".
Bob is a highly convincing person and rides on his Area 51 story to keep him out there and his commercial interests. There is nothing at S4 as you can see here and elsewhere there are satellite images of the area and it is just another dry lake no roads lead to it, no mounds of dirt to suggest tunnels, nada.

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