Re: F-117 Secret Companion Aircraft

Message posted by VernM on May 20, 2014 at 19:47:10 PST:

There's a possibility of operating from Holloman, the airfield is large enough and there are enough hangars to hide in. But the Germans operate from there as well and would USAF want to risk exposure to foreign eyes? Condron AAF or Stallion AAF are both out of sight on WSMR, but both lack runway length and ground facilities to operate much of anything larger than an Army C-12 or maybe a C-130.

My idea of operating locations for the companion would place it back where it was a companion for the F-117 in the beginning; TTR. There are the three large hangars at the south end of the airfield that have never to my knowledge been explained and they've appeared since the F-117 hangars were constructed.

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