Re: F-117 Secret Companion Aircraft

Message posted by Don on May 21, 2014 at 22:35:59 PST:

If I may ask a few questions about this companion? 1. If it was in service 1991 Desert Storm would one presume it landed at the same base as the F-117A? 2. Given the retractable antennas on the F-117A how would the F-117A communicate with the "Companion"? 3. After reading all the info from and several books from pilots and Ben Rich why no mention AT ALL of a need for "companion" aircraft? 4. After viewing the official Lockheed video of the F-117A mission that shows how a mission is planned, loaded into a data module and then flown again no mention of "companion"? 5. If the boomer was "cleared" to refuel a "companion" why talk about it now? 1991 was 23 years ago. Which begs the question why fly it now with the F-117A grounded? 6. What boomer ever showed a training classification of this "companion" Ever? I mean even if they said classified aircraft? They had to be trained, even the SR-71 boomers had to be trained. Not a single resume ever came out about it? Even pilots slip up look at Landis put yf-24 on his resume. All that I have read is speculation. There may be a new triangle shaped asset out there but no way no how it had anything to do with F-117A in Desert Storm. My observed opinion. By the way the TTR hangers the big ones, Red Hats had the far south one, T-38's used the small three bay set and the one north of that was shared by engine shop and the phase inspection docks. Also shared by 780 for a bit while we got her ready for the pole at Nellis.

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