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GRASS BLADE was the late 80s. You can easily verify this by looking up it's two Program Element codes, 0604313A and 0603317A. These were active in 1989, but closed in 1990 and were marked as "historical" after that. This means it was no longer active. You can search the DoD comptroller or Defense Technical Information Center repositories for these program elements and verify that.

TRACTOR PULL was program element 0604813A. Again, this was active as of 1989, but by 1993 was marked as "historical".

GRASS BLADE and TRACTOR PULL did not exist in 2007 or 2010. This is also easy to verify by looking at the R1 and P1 documentation for those years.

TRACTOR CONE was a special access program funded as a part of Aviation Advanced Technology (0603003A) in 1992/1993 that did have to do with rotorcraft signatures, and was likely related to an ongoing effort involving the EH-60.

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