Re: And the End of the Dragon Lady.

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on March 07, 2014 at 9:40:29 PST:

The A-10 will be sorely missed if withdrawn from active duty. It is low-tech and rugged, with a weapon system that has proven itself to counter any threat and rout bad guys by just showing up. With a lot of our warriors going head-to-head with small groups of insurgents with little to no AA capability, having a low-cost, nearly bullet-proof, slow air support A/C with a huge range of munitions plus its on-board GAU seems to be a lot more sensible than using a multi-billion dollar high-Tech fighter to scrap with a few AK armed bad guys.

People are always complaining that we are wasteful in countering low-tech threats with expensive assets that are over-engineered for the mission, but when we have a proven war-winner that is simple, paid-for, and a hellova airplane - we want to scrap it.

Seems to me that I'd rather have a fleet of A-10's than an expansion of entitlements.

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