Re: And the End of the Dragon Lady.

Message posted by Mark on March 07, 2014 at 17:06:06 PST:

Saying that the F-35 which is the same mission at the A-10 does is ludicrous. The time on station is completely different for the 2 aircraft. The A-10 is considerably slower and can turn much quicker making it almost like a helicopter in regards to how much time you can spend over its target especially in a close air support role. The F-35 as a much smaller capacity to fulfill that mission, in addition the type of weapons it's designed to carry are not as well suited for CAS in most cases and especially in the case of counterinsurgency operations where your only targeting a couple of individuals in most cases.

It's just that the Air Force general want all of their fancy new toys instead of practical hard-working aircraft.

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