Re: weird stuff going on at Area 51

Message posted by Michael Stammberger on October 22, 2013 at 10:20:44 PST:

I went to Area 51 without even knowing about all you so called oldtimers who are researching this area since many years without to find anything interesting (joerg just told me that yesterday), I went there to take some eerie pictures which I took allready the night before of the dead cows on the side of the road, traffic signs with bullet holes, the cedar pipeline ranch so I drove to the groom lake rd without expecting a lot, and don't forget that when I was there it was getting pretty quick dark and since I was alone, the first time there I was carefully and kinda scared to point my camera towards whatever this was...I don't need anyone to believe my story, I didn't come here to become a celebrity like lazar and tell somekind of bogus, I just came here and hoped to find someone who could help me identify what I have seen that's all.
And I said in my following emails the white rectangular thing with the darkened windows was probably a mobile watch structure, the lights came from the helicopter and the van with the sound was similar like the sound from a cop car during a chase, a mechanism to provide the truck with extra POWER what is there soooooo sensational anyways, for me it was still crazy and a night I will never forget with the halo around the moon, which I photographed at the black mailbox opinion is that they became aware of me because I was paring a long time on the turnout to groom lake rd (over 2h) when I got cold I put on my army camouflage jacket and army pants, and I set up my tripod in front of the signs, went back in the car (because I didn't want to stand there while they were watching me for a too long time) which I turned around already, they probably thought I was somekind of terrorist especially since I just learned that they have surveillance sensors/cameras on bald mountain overlooking the complete tikaboo valley, and I went a couple of time in my car trunk because I collected some rocks from the area etc.

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