Re: C-182 TTR-Rachel flight

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on February 17, 2002 at 22:58:55 PST:

Hi Frank, thanks so much for checking into the flight. Yes, I am definitely still interested, and I believe that a few others are as well.

I think the best time to do this will be a weekend, when it is possible to fly through a corridor along R4807A, crossing the Ranges south of TTR and north of Groom. See the attached link for a report from Tom Mahood with lots of details.
Basically we'll fly along US-95 a little past Beatty, then head northeast clear across the Ranges towards Rachel.
This will most likely require checking with Nellis prior to the flight whether the corridor is open that weekend.

There is no Red Flag scheduled for April, so that would be a good time.

I don't do video, but it would be great if we had someone in the group who has a good video camera (and knows how to use it).

Once we get a few people together we should take this offline. If you are interested please email Frank or me.

Attached link: A Grand Aerial Circumnavigation of Area 51

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