Re: Visualized: Boeing supersonic airliner concept soars in a wind tunnel, quietly

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on April 28, 2013 at 5:43:05 PST:

A comment on the article states;
"We need this like a hole in the head..I wish people would be more inspired by technology that really helps people and doesn't stuff the environment and swallow lots of human and natural resources."
Which is the imperative that has negated our entire manned space program (although POTUS says we are going to Mars, the funding has not been provided so we are still hitching rides with the Russians until further notice) as well as every other non-social entitlement supporting program. We are consumed with entitlements that have squeezed out every other program and have placed us on the same track as Great Britain who declined from a world power to an also-ran because of their desire to fulfill every social program they could enact. As long as we keep listening to people who want to keep Federal and State money going to...well, like the family of the Boston Bombers...then we can kiss programs like this and manned spaceflight, and every other hi-tech program that employ engineers, skilled technicians and scientists (and not the pick-and-shovel laborers that this administration seems to want to protect). Oh well. In a few more years we not only won't be able to have this kind of capability, but won't even have the national resources of skilled people, complex manufacturing and most of all a desire to expand ourselves beyond this planet.

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