Re: Visualized: Boeing supersonic airliner concept soars in a wind tunnel, quietly

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on April 28, 2013 at 14:10:04 PST:

Ah...the predicable and typical liberal response when they hear facts they donít like or canít refute;
1. Attack, insult and try to discredit the non-liberal
2. Demand censorship to limit the spread of that information.
Yes, for the last six years we have had to deal with the double edge sword of a liberal biased media as well as liberals who cannot defend their chosen POTUS, decide to engage in attacks on conservatives who refuse to drink the kool-aid.
Not anymore; every day and in every way POTUS shows himself to be an incompetent, anti-middle American sleazy politician and his protectors just donít care. You donít care that he ran illegal guns into Mexico and then gave the AG executive protection when the fingers began to point to the WH. You donít care he has killed our manned space program so for the first time in most Americaís lives, have NO manned spaceflight capability while he gave tax monies to pals running ďgreenĒ companies that failed. You donít care his administration allowed Americans to horribly die in Benghazi, and then denied the incompetence and ignored that he spread lies afterward to cover up his administrationís indifference to protect Americans being attacked by Islamic extremists. You donít care that the Boston Bombers were once again Islamic extremists who, even though identified as real threats to America were funded by our own welfare system (buying their bomb-making materials from monies earned by others and then deposited into the Social Security system who then gave it to the bomberís family), were allowed to travel without restriction (and probably got motivation and training on how best to maim and kill those people in Boston) and then the surviving terrorist was stopped talking by a Federal Judge who ďMirandizedĒ him while he was giving us valuable intelligence and have not given us any intel since.
Dude, your power is weak and your time is up.

BTW who is "Doug Giles" and why should that be of interest to me?

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