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Message posted by Mike on March 04, 2013 at 18:00:09 PST:

Thanks again for the information. I appreciate it.
I few follow-up questions, did the Skunk Works inspection stamp have any special significance (in other words, is the mark supposed to represent anything)? Example,

Any reason why Lockheed started using prefix number "75" on the U-2? Was the program no longer secret, so it was okay to start using the "75" prefix?

Below is from your earlier post.
None: U-2A, U-2C, U-2CT, U-2D, U-2F, U-2G (example: F32-29L)
75: U-2C, U-2CT, U-2F, U-2G (example: 75P122-15)
R: U-2R, TR-1, U-2S, ER-2 (example: RX525-600)
T: U-2CT (example: TC78-4)

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