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Message posted by Gregos on January 14, 2013 at 10:46:30 PST:

Joerg posted my Google Earth Plug In of the Tikaboo Peak Track and Waypoints in the "Maps & GPS" tab to the left. It has everything from the highway 93 turn off all the way up to the summit. Use that and you won't get lost, it is dead on. But I understand, it is very easy to veer off the trail especially with patches of snow. That's why I made the Plug In.

Park at the "Lower Staging Area" or if you have a really good 4WD with high clearance, you can make it all the way up to the "Upper Staging Area" at 37 20.980'N, 115 20.787'W. Then it's up the hardest part of the climb for the next 0.35 miles to the "False Summit." After the False Summit, it gets much easier and I think the climb is quite fun.

I hope this helps...


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