Re: OT: Drones, Drones and More Drones

Message posted by jklier on January 14, 2013 at 10:33:36 PST:

No I'm not nuts, chill out. Everything I stated is 100% factual.

I think it was obvious that I was speaking about the US only, never mentioned any other countries.

Anyone can build and fly a drone. There are videos all over youtube of people doing it all the time. Is it legal? No, it's not, unless you get the proper authorization. 99% of them will get away with it mainly because they are just hobbyists not causing problems. Someone who is using one for not so innocent purposes is likely to get noticed. I've been "noticed" a number of times flying mine legally.

My main point in responding earlier is I don't foresee our skies being overrun with drones spying on your every move.

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