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Message posted by gary on February 10, 2002 at 20:46:38 PST:

The jpg doesn't work, but doesn't 404 either. Kind of hard to explain.

You are correct on the Mars freq 13927. I had a list on my PC, but haven't verified every freq. The easiest way to verify HF freqs is at I show 13927 last logged 2/5/2001, so clearly you are getting more action in the UK than the UTE group.

My guess is the HF is just a backup, so you would have to wait for them to test it. And it may only be tested weekly.

There are other remote possibilities for HF at basecamp, but none related to black projects.

What we really need to understand is how the airspace for basecamp is handled. For instance, you can hear planes at McCarrin on the clearance freq giving destinations like Mercury. What destination do they give if they are headed to basecamp? We know the VOR freq at basecamp, but what about the 'tower' freq. OK, I know there is no tower there, but I serious doubt planes just land there without contacting the ground first.

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