Re: Basecamp?

Message posted by gary on February 01, 2002 at 21:09:06 PST:

Basecamp has lots of radio gear, including a wideband HF antenna, in addition to the runway.

It would probably be an exercise in boredom, but staking out basecamp for a day could prove to be useful. Maybe there is a once a day Janet flight or a bus to the TTR. Who knows?

I'd bring a good book though just in the event nothing happens.

I drove to the old homes up by Tybo (above basecamp) and talked to one of the occupants, who of course was damn happy to see anybody. He said he could get on the base to get ice (I don't recall if the house had electricity), but at times there are VIPs there and it is then off limits.

One problem with observing basecamp is they can easily observe you too, so they may alter the operation if evil-doers are lurking.

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