Re: Traffic counter on Groom Lake Road??

Message posted by zipper on January 31, 2002 at 19:31:57 PST:

As I recall there is mention of the Roswell incident and the "little green guys" being taken to Papoose/Groom Lake but he suspects that they were later transferred to Ft. Knox. Supposedly that is why the Gold is missing - they had to make room for the aliens. Seborn mentions that Groom Lake or Area 51 is where the U2 was tested, but that ended in 1957. The UFO guy says something to the effect that after that (1957) they had to use more of the area and thus had to relocate the aliens. It ends with the UFO guy not getting much of an answer but seems to be satisfied with a "wink"..............

Just a coincidence I suppose, but the UFO guys name is BOB.......
Sorry, Magoo

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