Re: Traffic counter on Groom Lake Road??

Message posted by gary on January 31, 2002 at 17:12:07 PST:

Well I didn't want to ruin it for Magoo since he gets the show about 6 months later than we do, so magoo, stop reading now.

The UFO guy meets with Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe, the POTUS speechwriter). His first concern is the gold at Fort Knox not being inventoried for some time, and that the amount of gold being stored there has been reduced by a factor of 4 from it's peak. He suspects that space aliens are being held at Fort Knox where the gold use to be stored. Hey, it could happen. Then somehow the conversation wanders over to Papoose Lake and Area 51. If you watch the show regularly, Aaron Sorkin (sp) throws in rapid fire dialog, so it is hard to recall everything that was said. This particular episode was based on a story by Gene Sperling, National Economic Advisor in the Clinton administration.

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