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Message posted by greatguess on September 30, 2011 at 17:22:29 PST:

hello everyone. i am soliciting your assistance in finding an old document that would be a wealth of information for all of us regarding area51. the document is a map that glenn campbell (not the singer) used to sell on his internet site back in the early days of the electronic age. you can see a sample of the map at this address - http://www.ufomind.com/area51/maps/groom/groom_map.jpg

we (area61model team) are attempting to create a new map of the infrastructure (roads, bldgs, fences, etc) of area51 and that map would be worth it's weight in gold for its information. we have contacted glenn and he doesn't have an electronic copy and IF he has a hard copy it is in storage in a place he won't be able to look for quite some time. we also contacted Jeorg and he suggested we post it on the forum to see if any of you might have a copy.

if you do have a copy i don't want to take it from you i just need some copies (xerox like) of the main base area that we can work from. the information would return to you in a posting on DLR if we are lucky enough to locate a copy. another option you have if you have a copy is to post it on EBay and make me bid some ridiculous price for it....

the map has bldg numbers, road names, special annotations, etc. which i have not seen anywhere else.

i will now waste some electronic ink by resorting to something i hate to use - capital letters - HELP

Attached link: Old Glenn Campbell Area51 map


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