Re: the UAV that got away, not UAV in as we know them

Message posted by gary on December 29, 2001 at 11:52:02 PST:

It was meant to be subtle humor, and at times like this, we need to laugh once in a while. Perhaps it was a little too subtle......or is the word sublimiminal.

What was interesting about the report is the inability to track such a plane, let alone find the crash site. [Two CAP planes and one police chopper were out there looking, but the satellite is what did the trick.]Sonoma county isn't exactly a hot bed of aviation, so you would think one errant plane could be spotted on the radar. Maybe they need the Doppler ring that Groom has installed.

This plane could have easily gone the other direction and hit the Golden Gate Bridge or the financial district of San Francisco. The ability of a terrorist to fly a plane in the same radar evading manner is not a pleasant thought.

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