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I was "yelled at" on this site for saying things that people thought was "private". Everything that i talk about is either declassified and or unclassified information...(OF COURSE). If you really want to learn about Groom Look into Creech AFB and the 526th Intelligence squadron Det 1 at Nellis.

N623BA always flies to North Las Vegas Airport...Same airport the 427th SOS airliners go to... There is your link right there. 427th SOS is all over southern Nevada. Also Henderson to KLSV is very interesting. You will find a few flights connected with what we call "the company". You are on a very straight forward road but dusty trail here. Not to mention the 427th SOS airliners also go to the Mojave spaceport. As well as N623RA.

The 427th SOS is HQ'ed at Pope AFB which is connected with Fort Bragg. At Fort Bragg there is the 1st SFOD-Delta. These are all what we know as "Tier one" forces. Such as Devgru aka Seal Team Six. ST6 isn't a Seal Team after all. It is actually more like a Counter Terrorism Task Force. That is why it was Re-Designated to United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

Don't you ever wonder why people from all over the country are at Groom and it is so "secretive". Not even the highest ranking officials in the Pentagon can enter without a "Need to Know". It is one of The most restricted sites in the world and you don't think our Government would take advantage of that...?


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