Message posted by RoadKill on September 12, 2011 at 22:38:16 PST:

Odd flight data for that aircraft (owned my Lockheed Martin Co, LMCO) during the first two weeks of July.
7 Jun - KVGT(Las Vegas) - KMYF(San Diego)
9 Jun - KPMD - KSMX (Santa Maria, CA...near Vandenberg AFB)
- also have KVGT - KSMX at nearly the same time. Subterfuge?

20 Jun - 1 Jul several lights between KPMD/KWJF and KSMX and KVGT

Here's where it gets really interesting
7 Jul - KVGT - KTKM (Groom)
8 Jul - KTKM - KVGT
19 Jul- KVGT - KVBG
plus several more trips to/from KVBG area from KVGT and KPMD areas.

Knowing what we do about programs going on at KVBG around that time (HTV-2 launched on 11 Aug) there seems to be some LMCO involvement in that project. And, they needed to visit sites at Montgomery Field in San Diego and Groom Lake NV as part of that mission. It'd be nice to see other traffic to KTKM besides the Janets, specifically cargo aircraft, around that same timeframe.

Nice of LMCO to put KTKM on their flight plans. I wish more would do that. Or, heck, even file a flight plan.

This would lead credence to WheresJanet's assertion that "other things" are happening at groom besides the run of the mill flight testing we've become used to seeing from there. It is certainly a great place to "hide" something while still being able to test and develope it...even if it is only bits and pieces of electronics or surfaces or whatever.


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