Re: The Intersection of UFOs and Spy Flights

Message posted by Mark Lincoln on July 15, 2011 at 16:40:34 PST:

The irony is that there IS a direct connection between UFO sighting and Spy Flights. Projects like Mogul, Genentrix, Angle and Archangel ALL produced many 'UFO' sightings including the Arnold sighting which gave the name 'flying saucers. Subsequently UFOs were used as a cover by intelligence sorts. Those Amazing Green Men in their Imaginary Machines provided cover for the recovery of satellite parts around the world (Moon Dust). They even were convenient to hide a precision balloon landing program revealed by Bernard "Duke" Gildenberg about a decade ago. So could 'UFO' sightings not be useful evidence, not of little green men pickled under Papoose lake, but some covert program? Would it not be best to allow such evidence to be subject to discussion towards that end? Tom Mahood made a very interesting conjecture about some phenomena seen at Groom Lake. Very interesting. Time to see if there are patterns. I had a text book on strategic intelligence production which had an entire chapter titled 'enough nothings equal a something."

Categorical exclusion of information which may bear upon the subject is not prudent. The information must be excluded upon it's own merits.

As previously noted, the struggle between the CIA and USAF for control of spy aircraft and their mission resulted in a second iteration of the A-12 and eventually the U-2 which were capable of flying more diverse sensors and performing more complex missions than either the original U-2 or A-12 could do.

The political aspects of technology and mission development are essential to understanding what has gone on at Groom Lake and what is going on.

The need to avoid devolving into ideological food-fights is understood. Nor should the ooo-eeee-ooo crowd be allowed to spend time speculating on alien autopsies.

Still, any discussion of activities rooted in political (service, agency, and fiscal) which we now know were responsible for the majority of UFO sightings, which cannot occasionally consider the impact of those influences and clues are lessened by categorical exclusion.

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