Re: Area 51 Seminar and book by Annie Jacobsen

Message posted by Roadeye on May 16, 2011 at 14:14:35 PST:

I have to ask...
Why would the Roadrunners have gotten involved with this woman in the first place, especially if what Joerg says about her having a "history" of this kind of behaviour is indeed a fact?

Wasn't someone looking out for their interests?
If so, did he/she/they not do their homework and research about this woman before agreeing to be part of this?

To be honest I find it totally amazing, especially when it comes to this particular subject (Area-51), that so many people agree to participate in interviews, documentaries, books, etc. only to see their efforts and good will misused or abused by the very people they've signed on to help.
How does this kind of thing keep happening?

Why not just pool your resources here...along with the Roadrunners, and have someone you trust like Peter Merlin write a book or produce a TV show with your assistance?
That way, at least you'd be sure of what kind of product you were going to get.
Surely that would be better than getting burned all of the time.
Just my two cents.

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