Re: Area 51 Seminar and book by Annie Jacobsen

Message posted by Peter Merlin on May 16, 2011 at 15:24:21 PST:

I understood that this was supposed to be a serious history, based on interviews with good folks like the Roadrunners, as well as declassified documentation. Based on the title and description, it was supposed to be about Area 51. The whole Roswell myth doesn't fit in, and I don't know why the author chose to include such outrageous stories about UFOs.

Upon reading several reviews of the new book, a well known and respected aerospace historian told me that he would send his copy back as soon as it arrived from Amazon. He said he didn't want it on his book shelf.

The quote that bothered me the most in the NYT review is this one:

"Angry over being denied access to a research facility, she began talking to a security guard who, it turned out, had worked at Area 51 and became one of her most valuable sources. And when it comes to EG&G, the secretive engineering company that plays a major role in the Area 51 story, she describes pressuring one unnamed EG&G employee persistently, no matter how hard he resisted."

Besides being a questionable method for acquiring information, one must wonder about the quality of the information acquired. Maybe this "source" was so angry and frustrated with the author that he just gave her the most outrageous story he could think of.

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