Re: Massive double sonic boom over Edwards

Message posted by Joe on May 11, 2011 at 13:08:33 PST:

I was camped out at the small site just off HWY 375 between Groom Lake Road and the Mailbox last Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

Friday morning I also heard two sonic booms, very loud, enough to rattle my RV. Later in the day I saw contrails from two craft, one with a much larger contrail than the other and flying in close formation -- perhaps one craft observing another? I have some photos I'll try to post along with a full trip report. Later Friday afternoon I also heard a very loud single sonic boom or explosion of some sort.

Also saw a very bright light on the horizon several times during those nights. At first I thought it must be headlights on GLR heading toward me, but it did not appear to move. Later I saw what were clearly headlights, and I'd estimate this other light was 10 to 20 times brighter. On Friday night into Saturday at about 4:00AM it lit up again for 5 to 10 minutes. A few minutes after that I saw the tailights of a car headed down GLR toward where the light had apparently been.

Wondering if they have some kind of massive lighting there near the border or security shack?


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