Re: Massive double sonic boom over Edwards

Message posted by Joe on May 11, 2011 at 20:40:12 PST:


I was at the Hidden campsite. Not so hidden as those folks in the big RVs on GLR dropped in on me about 9:00AM Friday morning (in a SUV) to check out a geocash that has been set up on the hill just a few dozen feet south and uphill from where I was parked.

They mentioned the BLM sign and said "we're taxpayers and we're going to stay until they tell us to leave." I gather they also live in their rigs full time.

I didn't see them again, but they were still parked there when I left Sunday morning.

THANKS for the 2 by 4s. I made good use of most of the larger ones, left most of the smaller wedge shaped ones, and left a bundle of firewood for whoever drops by there next.

I have a small RV/Van -- Roadtrek 190 which you can see in some of the photos of some trip reports here. Have had it all the way up to the powerlines overlook, but not sure I'd do that again. And I think I like the smaller camping area just a bit further along the "road" from the main hidden campsite for views toward the base.

Thanks again for the wood.


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