New Google Earth Feature

Message posted by Gregos on April 09, 2011 at 23:01:23 PST:

If you click on a mountain on Google Earth, there is a new feature called "tour." It gives you a 360 degree fly by of the terrain as if you are in an aircraft. Pretty cool feature especially if you are planning a trip up a hill such as Tikaboo Peak. I plugged in my "track" from my last climb up there in August, 2010. Joerg just posted it in the map section. Anyone thinking of doing the hike can now see a 3D model of the terrain. I think this will help the DLR readers in planning a trip. I was 100% on the trail the entire time. The worst part is maybe the last 100 feet up to the "False Summit." You will slip and fall unless you are super human! After that, it's actually a fun climb. My track is from HWY 93 all the way to the trailhead and then up the mountain to the summit. I hope this helps anyone planning a visit to a great view! If you take your time, plan ahead, use common sense and let someone know your track, almost anyone vertical can do this hike. It's well worth the 100 feet of hell to the "False Summit!" Once again, I hope this helps...



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