The lakebed, plane, runway.

Message posted by TheSkunkWorks on March 10, 2011 at 7:03:05 PST:

I'm sure this was addressed before but I'm just curious. On the newest sat. images on Google Earth, #1, is that a plane sitting on the drawn runway (09L-09R) on the lake they made running NW-SE, or a shadow of one flying? Also, zoom in very close, and about 130ft in front of it seems to be a "footprint" of the same plane in the lakebed. Is this just a misprint or blur in the image? Or was this same plane also sitting in this spot before its current position for a long period of time and weathering made this imprint? Just speculating. My #2 question is, when was the newest runway on the lakebed made and why? I just noticed it, and it runs SW-NE labeled runway 03L-03L. It seems to be a newer version of the runway running the same direction that is worn out and extremely faded that lies north of this on the lakebed. When and why was this newer one made, when I go back in time on Google Earth, it seems pre 2009 it was not there. Anyway just thought I'd share.


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