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Hasenfus was aboard the Fairchild C-123K cargo plane, N4410F (formerly USAF 54-679), shot down over Nicaragua on October 5, 1986, while delivering supplies to the Nicaraguan Contras. The two pilots and a radio operator died in the crash, but Hasenfus was captured by Nicaraguan government forces, tried, and sentenced to 25 years in prison. In December 1986, he was pardoned and released by Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Hasenfus' capture and detention helped uncover and publicize the Iran-Contra Affair.

When I was going to school in Florida, I mused to see this airplane at New Smyrna Beach Airport. At the time, it was owned by Harry Doan (does anyone remember the commercials for "Doan's Pills" for back pain?) who had a number of vintage aircraft. BArry Seal had purchased the airplane from Doan in 1984 and used it for undercover activities with the DEA. Seal sold the C-123K back to Doan in June 1985 for 250,000 dollars. It disappeared from New Smyrna Beach in the fall of 1986 and was shot down in October. Had I known what an interesting plane it was, I would have taken some pictures.

I can't imagine why it would ever have been at Groom Lake. Is there any proof?

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