Re: New generation of unmanned spy planes being tested

Message posted by seedusol on January 14, 2011 at 11:54:19 PST:

The drop in the bucket that the US calls humanitarian aid is to keep up appearances. Imagine how much real aid we could give to both the world and impoverished US citizens if we closed down the military industrial playground in the California, Nevada, and New Mexico desert.

Secrets are no longer kept to be sure the communists don't get an advantage, they're kept so the American public doesn't have anything to object to. Imagine the objection that would take place if the public knew about the unregulated torrent of money being piped into the defense contractors. Our current enemies use conventional weapons yet we're building supersonic stealth aircraft. Care to explain it? You can't. The contractors kick back enough money to the politicians to ensure they continue to get billions of dollars to build unneeded weapons. The level of secrecy at these facilities is directly correlated to how offensive their activities are.

I like technology as much as the next guy but the day that Area 51 and the other secret facilities close down is a day that I will celebrate.

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