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Message posted by Gimbal on January 11, 2011 at 8:33:30 PST:

Robert Gates just happens to be visiting and clearly this has been set up to coincide with this visit, recently the Chinese have been try to show the World their people are free to use the Internet and share information. So they plant a couple of guys by the fence and make it look as though members of the public can see the J20 doing it's thing and ping their video straight out there.

China want the US to feel they are being caught in the technology race and get the US to accelerate projects and spend more on them. Perhaps even get the US to show off a Top Secret weapons platform and copy it just like the J20 "Mish Mash" Fighter/Bomber er thingy designers did.

Observation? Those exhausts are about as Stealthy as a full Moon on a clear night and yes it's an Ugmug for sure. the J20 will not be operational inside the next 5 years.

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