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No. The number 113 doesn't mean it was "from some time ago." The numbers and letters are not used in any particular order.

The first one was the YF-110B for the HAVE DOUGHNUT MiG-21F-13 in 1968. The designation was used because the "Century Series" designations had been retired with the F-111. The original designation for the Air Force version of the Phantom II was YF-110A. The YF-110B designation was used for the MiG because it had not been used for any production aircraft nor would it ever be used and it had the added benefit of being easily confused with the YF-110A.

In 1969, two MiG-17F aircraft were flown as the YF-113A HAVE DRILL and YF-114C HAVE FERRY. The HAVE PRIVILEGE MiG-17F was called the YF-113C in 1970 but there was also a YF-113C flown in 1992 that was not a MiG-17. More YF-110B (MiG-21F-13) aircraft were added to the USAF inventory in the 1970s along with a YF-114C (MiG-17PF). The MiG-23 variants became the YF-113E and YF-113B. These were followed by other MiG-21 models designated YF-110C and YF-110D.

Later programs introduced the YF-110L, YF-110E, and YF-110M. Just because they have a 110 number doesn't mean they are MiG-21s any more than the 113 indicated a MiG-17 or MiG-23 and suffix letters are not assigned in order or even in complete sequences. The YF-113H may have flown before the YF-113G. The YF-117A SENIOR TREND ("stealth fighter") certainly flew long before many of the later 110/113 types or the YF-112C and YF-116A.

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