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Message posted by Wheresjanet on October 10, 2009 at 0:11:59 PST:

People People say that most projects at area 51 where moved out. If thats true? What is going on there now? There is a awful ammount of security at area 51. Do you think that is because the government wants people to think there is stuff going on at area 51 so everyone focususes at that base. Or do you think there is really something worth protecting there still. Maybe its not as active as before. But thousands of people fly there a day, people drive in. To me it looks like there is a lot still going on. And i highly dought its a "cover up" they just built a new hanger. Got new planes. hmm? Sounds pretty active to me. Maybe there are new locations like area 51. Im sure there is. But that doesen't mean area 51 is closing down. Lets just say alot of projects where moved out of area 51 do you think there are still some highly classified operations at area 51 in this so called modern say? You cant even see the base up close. At the main entrance you have to get though Heavily armed security guards JUST TO GET TO THE GUARD HOUSE. And the guard house is 13 miles away from AREA 51. Or maybe area 51 now is working with some other facility but they still use the location Right near groom lake for bigger projects? If anyone has any thoughts on this please let me know.

Thank you!


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