Re: Sky-Quakes....?some of U guys sure are a sleep!

Message posted by Aaron Johnson on October 07, 2001 at 16:01:24 PST:

I too at the time of the sky quakes was wondering what was going on. Now I know how just how credible, many of U feel about popular science and mechanics. Just so happens I recall reading the POP SCI issue that talks about the AURORA and was related to the sky quakes.

I also recall that news media was saying that the sonic booms were from a mach 5 plus aircraft. Cal tech
had confirmed that it was aerial in nature and not earth quake realted. I believe that also Bill seetmans book on the aurora also discusses this as well too!

As for the sky quakes being from SR-71 at beale, I dont think so beacuse the sky quakes were clearly felt here in southern california. I should know BECAUSE I FELT THEM and at the time in my life I was worried about the big one!

Also caltech traced the direction of sky quakes and estimated the speed and direction of them which was N/NE heading possibly to the nellis complex range, If I recall correctly. estimated speed was mach 4+. besides too it is a major NO NO for airforce to boom major cities like LA.

Aaron J

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