B&E into Area 51

Message posted by ww3sabiture on April 03, 2009 at 19:28:22 PST:

iv read some accounts and looking at the usgs maps and pics from this site there is about 3mi total of blind spots and ways to get in its not hard you just have to know how and thats what i plan to do just to prove to the guards and staff it can be done oh and for the people at area 51 dont shoot us we are only 16, 18 and 20(im 16) im the leader and explosives/ weapons person

all im takeing is
-trench knife
-gili suit

the plan
crawl in at dark and spend the day playing cards and waching what people are doing from ********* (look at the sat pics from g earth and you can gess)then at night we move out and do ******* (no im not shareing that part) next year we will be doing it when the ufo thing is going on so you all get a good show when you guys have the thing where you walk around the base the reson is because we need a decoy and they will be waching the outside not the inside (if you dont like it then im sorry but we need the gards ocupied wile we do are thing) if you hear gunfire that is not part of the plan

i would like any imput and ideas


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