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My father was a physicist for the USAF. In the Fall of 1975 when I was a teenager several men in uniform came to the door asking for my father. My father left with the men. My father disappeared for a few days and then he came and went on a odd travel schedule from October through December. Years later I learned that he was taken to Loring AFB in Maine where he examined the RADAR performance at the SAC base. At the time SAC security was incredibly serious and deadly. Apparently they had some bogies that entered the base airspace undetected by RADAR and then hovered over the nuclear weapons depot. SAC went ballistic (pun intended). My father later told me that they sent a flight of interceptors after the bogies and chased them into Canada and then lost them over water. He said the pursuit was intense and very upsetting to all involved. The term UFO was never used and instead the term bogie was used meaning unknown/hostile aircraft. It was clear that whatever unique capabilities that these bogies had the Air Force/other organization coveted along with the ability to counter these capabilities. So it seems obvious to me that there is a funded interest in this and that research has been ongoing for years. I believe that there is an effort to duplicate the performance of these bogies and A51 would be the logical place to flight test. Do we have captured UFO's at A51 or in that area? From my experience in the black world the most guarded secrets are the capabilities of an asset. So considering the exotic stealth capabilities of a UFO I would expect that having a UFO would be the most guarded secret possible. It seems logical to me that if we had them that's were they would be.

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