Re: Radio Scanning.

Message posted by DreamlandDreams on September 20, 2008 at 22:48:13 PST:

Yeah,I Have tried that,And i got Nothing.But,i have just recently had some sort of activity,some odd noises coming through at 119.5500 I have No idea what it is,and its a VHF i think anyway,but it is some activity,can anyone explain it?

[The noise is a very low mumbling,then a huge bleep to follow]

the only way i assume that it is a dreamland noise is the following reasons

1.It is on the list of scanner frequncies from this site.

2.The direction the scanner gives me the signal from is 'FAR NORTH EAST'.My Scanner is Always pointing north is i am in melbourne.

So all im asking for is a explainatory of the noise,What it is really :s,Thank you.And kind Regards,DreamlandDreams.

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