Re: Expedition Dreamland.....?

Message posted by brjohnson on July 15, 2008 at 6:48:03 PST:

Though the cost is somewhat high, the whole conference idea is wonderful and exciting. If not for work scheduling, I would sign up right away. The idea of hearing from experts and others on our favorite corner of Nevada makes me hope that this will become a yearly event. I imagine part of the cost is the company hosting the event. As DLR gets a few of the conference under their belts, they probably will not need to go through a private company and just do the event themselves, which no doubt will reduce the cost.

I hope that DLR finds success with this event. Perhaps next year or sometime down the road, hold the event in Rachel. Utilize the rooms/camping spots in town, the Senior Center, etc.

Good Luck and hope that there are some great reports and photos from this experience to entice everyone for next year.

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