Expedition Dreamland.....?

Message posted by JoenTX on July 13, 2008 at 22:56:10 PST:

I know I may well get in trouble for this, but, seeing as how this is a site that "regular" folk can voice opinions and experiences.....I just am not getting this "Expedition Dreamland" offering.

I've perused the site......3 days, no room, rehashed speaking from the same old voices, a ride out to GLR and a burger and the Ale'e'Inn, an overnight camp.....$350??? This would appear to be on top of any expenses for travel/flight and lodging for the time for any potential buyer. And, the Tropicana? I guess they are biting on anything these days. Not a premium joint anymore on the "strip."

Not being critical for the heck of it, but, I've done this thing and it ain't so much:

-found a deal and spent four nights at the Sahara for $160.

-drove me and my GF from Fort Worth to/from Las Vegas in an '06 F-150 for $530.

-gambled little but drank a lot of free booze for hanging out in the casino.

-no schedule, we came and went as we pleased.

-we left early one morning for Groom...stopped in Alamo and Ash for pics....hit it by 11am.....hung around until 3-4 in the afternoon and went to Rachel...did that thing taking pics...back in LV by 6pm and wondering what to do with rest of the day?

Visiting the GLR area is not like trecking across the Sahara or going "walkabout" in Northern Australia. If you have half a tank of gas and a spare tire you're okay 90% of the time.

I seriously advocate anyone truly wanting to see the scene do it on their own....their own vehicle....their own schedule....their comfort level.

Anyway, as I said above, I may get "Blacklisted" here but it's just my way of being honest and helping the common person wanting to see LV and GLR.

You can do it on a budget and at your own pace.....it's no big deal.


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