Aerial Photography Using Kite

Message posted by Sedalia on July 23, 2001 at 21:42:37 PST:

I just wanted to alert the group to a really neat article in the July, 2001 issue of Popular Photography magazine dealing with aerial kite photography. I don't know if there are any areas left around Freedom Ridge or Hawkeye (Cammo) Hill where this might be a viable way to photograph the base. One of the photos taken of the U of Wisconsin football stadium on game day is taken with a Delta kite with a 20 foot wingspan using 250 pound test line kite string! Of course, our problem is the subject matter is 12-14 miles away. Also, would flying a kite break the law regarding the no-fly zone of the range? Even if shooting the actual base is impossible something like this might be interesting to attempt.



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