Cliff summit area, east of north peak

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This photo is looking north, at the cliff ridge and nearby "cliff summit" of the west-facing cliffs located east of the 7795 foot peak north of Tikaboo.

To the left are very sheer dropoffs of perhaps 100 to 200 feet into the saddle/valley separating the cliffs from the steep, sloped triangular plane making up the east face of the north peak. That face of the north peak looks like a mini-Lhotse to me.

Overall, the cliff ridge was generally more treacherous than similar ridges I've been on at Katahdin (the "Knife Edge") and Shasta (Green something?). That is because you are either on steep, possibly ready-to-slide slabs, or just way too close to the sheer drops. At least on Katahdin and Shasta, there is generally flat ground on the ridge, and clearly visible narrow/deadly sections to straddle with your legs and shinny across carefully. None of that here, but the lack of level ground is relentless.

To the right in the photo are very steep sloping rock slabs which break up at small (typically 20 foot high?) east-facing cliffs to create and feed very steep rockslides, including the most direct one, which I ascended with difficulty from the valley to the east, after hiking in southward from 375 in the Hancock Summit hairpin-turn area.

The cliff ridge area is a windy, exposed location up there, but is very beautiful as I feel this photo shows.


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