Posting photos from April 2007 first

Message posted by JB737 on January 02, 2008 at 4:55:55 PST:

I'm working on all the unposted photos I've promised. Owing photos of my April, June, and December trips, I'll attack them in chronological order. Then I'll work on putting a video or two of the winter drive up the road to Tikaboo, onto YouTube or somewhere.

I'll start with my April 2007 trip previously documented in the "Grueling Easter with zero Pave Hawks" trip report. To refresh your memories, it was a hike in from Hancock Summit to attempt the 7795 foot peak north of Tikaboo. I didn't make it the whole way, turning around on a west-facing cliff just east of it, at 7200 feet.

I don't have the photos organized into albums or anything yet, but just uploaded them to a free hosting service, so I'll have to do one post in this thread per picture for each of the 7 pictures. At least it will let me comment on each picture.

4 pictures are from the hike and 3 are from the Tropicana: 1 through the JANET terminal windows, 1 of a JANET plane's tail number just before it left with a load of passengers, and 1 is of the beautiful Canadair private jet in the hangar north of JANET.

I'll apologize in advance for not organizing them to be accessible from a single URL, and for the somewhat obnoxious results of my experimentation with watermarking the copyrights onto them myself, and also for intentionally reducing the resolution of the one photo of the north peak itself.

General comments can reply to this post, and comments specific to a particular photo can reply to the individual photos posted below.



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