Area 52 Tonopah Range

Message posted by TimeWrap on December 13, 2007 at 18:47:13 PST:

I'm sure this been asked on here many of times but why doesn't Area 52 Tonopah Range get much attention from Area 51 addicts? I've notice some articles on here about Tonopah Range.

But, it seems some people on here spend full-time playing around at Area 51 driving up there, taking pictures, playing with the cammo dudes,etc etc. It seems the US Government wants people to do this so they don't go to other areas of the desert like Tonopah Range. Also I've heard of stories of a few people that have spent days in the desert with video cameras around Tonopah range or other sites and have had there video cameras ceased and one guy who never was heard of again.

Does anyone here ever take time to get up to Tonopah Range to see what kind of operations they got going on, it seems you can get fairly very close to that base.


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