Re: Are the cammo dudes helpful guys?

Message posted by JB737 on December 07, 2007 at 8:55:27 PST:

But presumably the letter carrier had not just finished pointing a 2000mm lens at the dudes. Surely the regular mail delivery guy was more familiar and benign to them than most of us would appear from their viewpoint.

For a scope-wielding, scanner-toting, picture-posting blogger type, they might just monitor the situation while waiting for the county emergency responders to get there, or at least be a bit more hesitant to give mouth to mouth. :-)

And the response to a typical unknown tourist might be somewhere inbetween.

As for helping the guy with the video on YouTube who said "Imagine what kind of trouble they got in at their company to get assigned out here...", they might just watch the desert slowly turn him into "alien jerky".


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