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Earlier this year, myself and a couple of friends had driven on an old dirt road near the base of Bald Mt. area. We were looking for fossils at the time. Since I have been to the area many times, and live in LV, Groom Lake was not on my mind. We might have strayed close to the boundry because within the 1 1/2 hr period we were there I was approached by Base security
in a pickup truck an asked what was I doing there. I told them what we were doing. They looked at me and politely said, "Have a good day and left". This was an eyeball to eyeball confrontation. Of course they hung around nearby until we left the area.

To the best of my knowledge, all security personel have a certain amount of first aid training. Can you imagine the political fallout if they ever left anyone out there to die, or be gravely injured that they knew about? I doubt it.

The past few years have indicated to me, that Base security is getting more professional in its demeanor to the public, but still maintaining a no nonsense attitude.

There was a time it seemed, that toying with cammo dudes was fun, but after 9/11, and with Homeland Security being what it is, anyone who does so now is really being foolish, especially if one is a foreigner.

They don't mind if you go to the border, look around, and take pictures of the signs or them. It is all childs play to them. But if anyone wants to go beyond that limit, and tempt fate, then I would expect them, in fact demand that they perform their duties and lock the culprit up. That is what I pay my taxes for.

Everyone who visits the area, can still have fun, maybe even see something flying around. and do it in a safe and non-threatening manner, IMHO.

And BTW, if anyone visits the Inn in Rachel, you will never know if the guy(s) at the next table having a sandwich are off-duty Base security :) Some do live in the area.


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