A new secret base base at Nellis range??

Message posted by Saavytech on November 18, 2007 at 22:25:01 PST:

I found a base at Nellis range that looks pretty new and is not listed as an official Air Force base that I know of. And it's not a civilian air base because it's inside the the military range land. It has one runway ( 14/32 ) and it's length is approxiamtely 12200 feet, which is similar to Groom Lake's runway length.

I found it on Google map and it's location is in the upper northwest part of the Nellis range. It is about 8 miles north of Antelope Lake ( dry lakebed )and about 5 miles east of Cactus peak. The postion:

North Lat. 37 degrees, 47 minutes, 59.9 seconds
West Long. 116 degrees, 46 minutes 48.4 seconds

It looks pretty new and no aircraft are parked where they can be seen. No choppers either. There are cars, trucks and other vehicles, so there's people. But they are hiding the planes. Even Groom allows you to see some. At least they were all hangered when the sat. pic was taken. Could be just to keep them out of the sun, but........

Have I discovered something here or do you guys already know about it?? I am new here and didn't feel like reading a years worth of posts to find out if it's common knowledge or not.


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