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I have to agree with Lumpy. Some of the photographs are questionable.Also there are some spelling mistakes in some of the pages. Using a Content Management System such as Wordpress is good however there are drawback to using such a system. Plagerism from the Wackenhut Website is not good.

You quoted directly from the Wackenhut site the following "About Wackenhut

The Wackenhut Corporation is the leading provider of quality, customer-focused security solutions in the United.States. With over 35,000 employees, Wackenhut delivers unrivaled integrated security and related services to a growing number of commercial, industrial, and government organizations.

The company provides its services to local, regional and national customers through 200 offices coast-to-coast in the United States. As a subsidiary of Group 4 Securicor plc (, Wackenhut is also able to meet the global needs of its customers in 100+ countries, through its ISO 9001:2000 Certified International Accounts Division.

Wackenhut’s primary service divisions include: Security Services; Nuclear Security and Energy Consulting Services; Government Services; and Consulting and Investigations.

Wackenhut has earned an excellent reputation over the years because of the integrity and professionalism of its people; an unyielding commitment to customer service; the high quality of its corporate, regional and local operations; and, its concern for the welfare of its employees. Clearly, much of Wackenhut’s success is attributable to the quality of its employees.The company’s training arm – Wackenhut Training Institute – develops and conducts training and education programs designed to instill knowledge, a sense of pride and commitment to learning; establishing a platform for advancement within the company and the security profession."

Also here "The Wackenhut Corporation is the leading provider of quality, customer focused security solutions in the United States. The company provides its industry-leading integrated security and related services to local, regional and national customers.

Wackenhut’s primary service divisions include Security Services, Nuclear Security and Energy Consulting Services, Government Services, and Consulting and Investigations." From the Security services area.

You can be legally held responsible on your website for these infractions. Also I do not see a Bibliography where you found any of your information such as Wackenhuts permission to use content from their website. You are responsible as a website designer not to infringe on copyrights of other websites.

Lastly if you are going to use someones information from their site it is a good rule of thumb to get their okay to use an image or text. Use that bibliography I was referencing to.

I Know that Joerg has a copyright on his website and maybe you should look into putting one on yours if these are in fact genuinly your writings and photographs.

My Two cents

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