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Message posted by lloyd.armbrust on November 13, 2007 at 8:36:19 PST:

Hey Joerg,

I apologize. The intention is not to advertise. You'll notice that we have no ads on our site, and we get nothing if people come to our website.

Our intention is only to augment to what you have built. For example, check out the interactive map we have built using the Google Maps API:

We have created an easy way for people to find their way to different points of interest around the Groom Lake Base.

I truly hope that we can be a positive addition to the Area 51 watching community, and help to get accurate information out there about this base. Also, whenever applicable, that is, when you have much more complete information than we do on a subject, we have put a link to your website. While I have yet to read everything on your site, I hope in the coming coming months to add more and more applicable links to your information. In this way, we can maybe even help you build traffic.

Also, when you helped me edit our short documentary on Area 51, you mentioned that I should include a link on your forums here, and that your readers would be interested to see. That was our only reason for posting.

Thanks again, -LWA

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